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Dog Grooming

You will feel and notice the change in your pet’s coat after they have been groomed at Sandy’s Grooming Tails.

It’s a result from salon quality products, fresh water bathing, speciality drying, clipping

and brushing techniques all performed by a trained and experienced groomer.

I do my best to help you maintain your dog's coat just the way you like it.

Specialties include

  • Basic & maintenance clips

  • Fully styled, breed specific & creative grooming

  • Solution clipping for matting, grass seeds & over heating

  • Quick tidy - eye, ear, bottom, feet

  • Bathing & deodorising

  • Brush outs & de-shedding

  • Colouring

Cat Grooming

Grooming your cat is important and sometimes over looked or ignored because of the difficulty associated with the mannerisms of cats. Cats go just as many places as dogs, they roll in the garden, crawl under the house, go hunting and venture down burrows. Even indoor cats coats can become tangled or matted and retain odours.

I love this bit…then they sit on the family lounge and proceed to clean off the day’s activities with their tongue and cover them self with saliva! Cats licking, biting, scratching humans can transmit disease. Just like the dog - professional grooming helps in the upkeep of hygiene for your pet and your home. I have the facilities and “know how” in being able to manage these fastidious creatures and make them feel comfortable whilst being groomed.

All grooms have their ears checked, nails clipped and weight checked for FREE

Plus full records of their grooming history is kept.


An identification tag and a microchip is the most effective way of finding your pets way home if they're lost, stolen or missing.

It’s a $165 fine in NSW by not having your pet microchipped and identified with a pet tag.

Sandy is trained and accredited with the 

NSW Companion Animals Register
See pricing page for rates

Health & Wellbeing

Sometimes these maintenance jobs can be a little difficult. When you have your pet groomed with me I automatically keep a record of any treatments they have had such as worming and frontline treatment. You will also get a report card after each visit so you can keep track.

Services Offered

  • Nail clipping and filing - walk-ins welcome

  • Free weight checks

  • Teeth brushing

Nail Caps For Indoor Cats

These are vinyl nail caps (developed by a team of vets) that glue onto your indoor cats nails.This amazing product effectively blunts the nails to protect against problem scratching, whilst still allowing the pet to function as normal.

Great for protecting against

Damage to household surfaces, floors, doors, screens, walls and furniture

Skin conditions aggravated by scratching

Can also protect you (especially older people) from scratches

Not recommended for outdoor cats 

For Your Convenience

Long stays are welcome for grooming appointments that need to stay for an extended period of time. Complimentary pick up and drop off service in Cooma for those who struggle to get their pet to me for grooming

Discounts & Rewards Programs

Take advantage of Sandy's Grooming Tails Frequent Fur Flyers Club which gives big discounts for regular visits. (see pricing page for rates)

These days every little bit helps, I appreciate your business so this is one of the ways

I can say “Thank You” for choosing me to groom you pet

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