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Our Services

Dog Blower


Our Specialities include

Basic, maintenance & comfort clips, Fully styled, breed-specific &

creative grooming solutions

Clipping for deep matting, grass

seeds & overheating

Quick tidy - eye, ear, bottom, feet

Bathing & deodorizing, Brush outs &


Puppy introduction to grooming sessions 

Cute Dog


We provide half day or full day boarding to suit your needs!

Know your furry one will be safe and cared for by dog lovers that know how to make your dog feel compfortable while your away.

Our boarding services for dogs are here to make your life a little easier!


Cat and Dog


Is one of the best things you can do to keep your dog or cat

Safe & Never Lost!

 Our service is quick & convenient with discounted prices

Whether you need to microchip puppies, kittens, dog or cat we are here to help

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