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Unleash the Fun at Sandy's Grooming Tails K9 Social Hub: Dog Day Boarding with play, Playdates & More in Cooma!

Here's what makes Sandy's K9 Social Hub special:

  • Experienced Dog Enthusiasts: Our team of passionate dog lovers will ensure your pup has a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

  • Day Boarding with Play: Includes rest, sleep, playtime with staff, and optional K9 Social area access (full/half-day options).

  • Day Boarding Cubby Only: Perfect for pups who prefer quiet time (full/half-day options).

  • Enrichment Activities:

    • Sniffari Sessions: Stimulate your dog's mind and senses with a scent-filled play area (no booking required).

    • Birthday Pawties: Celebrate your pup's special day with party space rental, decorations, treats, and more (booking fee + add-ons).

  • Community Connections:

    • Adoption Days: Meet adoptable dogs from local rescue services at our social hub.

    • Information Evenings: Learn from experts about dog training, grooming, nutrition, and health (upcoming events advertised).

    • Puppy Preschool:

Dog Enrichment Activities - Sniffarri Sessions
A sniffing session provides more enrichment than an hour-long walk for dogs. This is because the sniffing exercise stimulates their brain and engages their natural instincts. 
Our Sniffari sessions include our play area loaded with an array of scents, treats to tantalise your dogs sense's.
These sessions don't need a booking and are under owners supervision.
For only the cost of the special Sniffari treat bag $7

Pawsome Pup Birthday Parties
We would love to help you celebrate your dog's birthday with a party! You can invite your furry friends and we'll take care of the catering and decorations.
Booking Fee $50
Includes 1 hour party space hire for the birthday dog,
basic decoration, doggie champagne and
fancy treat tray.
Optional Extras
Guest dogs $10 each extra
Decorated Birthday Cake $39
Decorated Pupcake $10
Regular Pupcake $5

Adoption Days
We have partnered with local rescue services, Snowy Monaro Regional Council by providing a space in our social hub for those potentially interested in adopting a rescue dog.
You will have the opportunity to meet the dogs, spend time with them and chat with the rangers who do a wonderful job facilitating this program.

First Tuesday of every month 11.30am - 1.30pm in our K9 Social area
Check out our social media channels for updates

Information Evenings
Guest speakers and experts On many topics ranging from Training, Grooming, Nutrition, Health.
Upcoming events will feature here and through our social media channels

Puppy Pre School Click here

Boarding Click Here

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