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Chocolate Labrador puppy of three months biting a blue toy on white background. Isolated i

Sandys Grooming Tails & K9 Cafe
K9 Social Hubb

Sandy's Grooming Tails & K9 Cafe is expanding...
Coming soon right next door! Is our K9 Hubb, We are creating a space that will be especially set up for our K9 Social services.
Puppy Pre School, Day Boarding with play, Social play with friends, Adoption days & Information Seminars

Boarding with Play
1/2 day - up to 4 hours Full day - over 4 hours 
Our day boarders not only get a comfy cubby, love and attention but they also get optional playtime in our K9 Social area. 

Puppy Pre School
Multiple 4-week courses will be offered throughout the year. 

A 15-minute sniffing session provides more enrichment than an hour-long walk for dogs. This is because the sniffing exercise stimulates their brain and engages their natural instincts.

Birthday Parties
We would love to help you celebrate your dog's birthday with a party! You can invite your furry friends and we'll take care of the catering and decorations.

Adoption Days
We have partnered with local rescue services, by providing a space in our social hub for those potentially interested in adopting a rescue dog. You will have the opportunity to meet the dogs, spend time with them and chat with the carers. Upcoming dates will feature here and through our social media channels 

Information Evenings
Guest speakers and experts On many topics ranging from Training, Grooming, Nutrition, Health.
Upcoming events will feature here and through our social media channels 

Keep an eye out on our social media in the coming weeks for more information...

Puppy Pre School

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