About Us

Sandys Grooming Tails & K9 Cafe is owned and operated by founder Sandra Brabon, together with her husband Danny and daughter Ella.
With over 20 years in the pet industry and grooming for just as many, Sandy alongside her family, staff and all her supporters have created the perfect little business that is unique in the way it follows the desires of us humans wanting to care and give the "best life" for our companionable dogs. 


A bit of history 
Formally the owners of Cooma Pet Shop & Grooming Service 2002 - 2015, Sandy sold the Cooma Pet Shop but continued to operate her grooming business (calling it Sandys Grooming Tails) and operated within the Cooma Pet Shop until Sandys Grooming Tails was relocated to its new premises in April 2020 - the week Cooma was in COVID lockdown!
The new "digs" are now located at 167 Sharp st Cooma with the addition of the K9 Cafe and shop for dogs.

The dream had come to fruition
The K9 Cafe has always been a dream of Sandy's to create a unique space for dogs & their owners to hang out.
Dogs are such a big part of people's lives these days, they are family! it's only natural to want to treat them and make them feel special alongside providing them with essential husbandry needs.
It is important for us to offer an array of quality products that we endorse and recommend for the wellbeing of your dog ...or to just spoil them!

The Pack
You wouldn't find a better team than right here at Sandys Grooming Tails & K9 Cafe...every single one of us loooves our job! which makes it a very happy place.
We want to help our community and customers care for their dogs, and It is our strong belief that we can give the best customer service if we are knowledgeable through continuous education, passionate about our job, and of course, share the love addiction for dogs!!
Best of all we make great friendships with dogs and their owners.
We have so many ideas and plans for our little shop and are so excited to share this desire with like-minded people like yourself, we invite you to visit with us and hope you enjoy our little place as much as we do.

Meet Our Pack

Pictured above Hiedi, Milton, Twisty & Delta Brabon
Sandy Brabon
Sandy Brabon

Head Groomer
Owns 3 dogs

Judie Winter
Judie Winter

AKA THE best cook eva owner of Two Chooks Cook
Customer service

Owns 2 dogs

Ella Brabon
Ella Brabon

AKA Sandys Daughter
Customer Service & Purchasing

Owns 2 dogs

Shelley Mackay
Shelley Mackay

AKA Treat'emPets -
Dog nutrionalist Guru!
& Artist!
Customer Service

Owns 2 dogs

Olivia Standford
Olivia Standford

AKA HairFairy
Groomers Assistant &
Chief bather/dryer

Owns 2 dogs

Vicki Flynn
Vicki Flynn

AKA Sandys Sister
2548 Art creator, Ridiculously creative!

Owns no dogs but is
Nanny to 2


2021 Snowy Monaro Business Award Winners!
Outstanding Start Up & Peoples Choice
& Finalist in Far South Coast Regional Awards

Sandys Grooming Tails Team Business awards 2021
2021 Snowy Monaro Business Awards Sandys Grooming Tails Outstanding Start Up
Business Awards 2021 Sandys Grooming Tails Sandy & Ella
2021 Snowy Monaro Business Awards Sandys Grooming Tails Peoples Choice
Sandys Grooming Tails team Business awards 2021