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Snowy Mountains Pet Food

Snowy Mountain Pet Food, SGT
SGT, Snowy Mountain Pet Food
SMPF, organic, ethically sourced, home made
Snowy Mountains Pet Foods

Meet Mark & Judie Winter, owners of Snowy Mountains Pet Foods, 

local producers right here in the Snowy Mountains. Judie also works here
at Sandys Grooming Tails & K9 Cafe.
Mark & Judie are committed to providing your pet with the best possible nutrition, with their
all-natural fresh, complete raw food diet that's made with human-grade and ethically sourced ingredients, scientifically formulated to meet FEDIAF guidelines. The blends are created to meet your dog's nutritional requirements in a more clean and unprocessed manner, without any added fillers, preservatives, or additives. 

​Raw Meat Blends
Feed Daily as a complete diet

The frozen dog food range includes a variety of flavours such as Fowl Game, Mack Quack, Surf & Turf, Jumpin Jumbuck, Bambalamb & Deer oh Deer. Each one of these flavours is formulated to target specific health systems and meet the exact nutritional requirements your dog needs. With a variety of animal protein, bones, cartilage, organ meats, veggies and fruit, whole food supplements (like flaxseed, kelp and turmeric), Snowy Mountains Pet food is the best food on the market!

You can purchase in either 500gm or 1kg containers, which are perfect for dogs of all sizes.


The porridges are a true superfood for dogs. They provide numerous health benefits and are incredibly versatile, making them an excellent choice for any dog's diet. Porridges are available in various flavours and can be served as a standalone meal or mixed with raw or gently cooked food. Our dry goods are also available in convenient 500g packets for easy storage and use.

Smoothies & Broths

A healthy dog means a happy dog. That’s why we offer a range of supplements to add to your dog’s diet. Our liquid powerhouse of nutrients are specially formulated to target gut health, immune and antioxidant support, pain & inflammation, allergy relief, liver function and more. Just add a splash to any meal to give your dog a rich health boost. Our supplements are available in frozen 500g pouches so that freshness is always guaranteed.

At Sandys Grooming Tails we have seen the transition of dogs health even after just one week!
Snowy Mountains Pet Food can certainly enable your
dog to be their best selves.

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