Help your dog be their best self
With An All Natural Diet

Treatem pets

Let Us Introduce You To
Treat'em Pets 

Created to support your dog's health in more ways than one.
By giving you choice and the ability to meet your dog's nutritional requirements

in what we like to describe as a more "clean eating" .. unprocessed manner.

Treat'em Pets raw dog food recipes are

  • Scientifically formulated to FEDIAF guidelines

  • Made with human-grade and ethically sourced ingredients 

  • NO added fillers, preservatives, or additives

  • Creating an all-natural fresh, complete raw food diet

Raw Meat Blends

Feed Daily as a complete diet

Not just meat! A variety of quality animal protein, bones, cartilage,
organ meats, vegetables and fruit, whole food supplements like flaxseed,
kelp and turmeric. Formulated to target specific health systems and the exact
nutritional requirements your dog needs

Available frozen 500gm & 1kg
Fowl game, Mack Quack, Surf & Turf, Jumpin Jumbuck, Bambalamb,
Deer oh Deer & Wooly Wabbit 


Use in addition to other meals or on their own

Porridges are a true superfood! packed with nutrients, minerals, and
antioxidants that will give your dog that extra boost in any dog's diet.
The versatility of porridges is brilliant! they can be served alone or mixed with
raw food, gently cooked food, or as your dog's standard kibble diet
Dry goods Available in 500g packet


Smoothies & Broths
Just add a splash to any meal 

A liquid powerhouse of nutrients! for a rich health boost. A great addition
to your dog's diet. The range specifically targets gut health, immune and
antioxidant support, pain & inflammation, allergy relief, liver function the
benefits are endless

Available Frozen 500g pouches

Treatempets porridge.jpg
Treatempets Raw meat blend_edited.jpg
Treatempets smoothies Broths.jpg

Available instore at Sandys Grooming Tails & K9 Cafe 
Learn more about this amazing product please visit
Treat'em Pets website

We also stock Black Hawk dry kibble or can order most other
popular brands at your request