Cute Dog

Professional Grooming Service

Don't be embarrassed to bring your dirty stinking hound to us ..we've seen it all!
It's our aim to help your dog to be their best selves and help you maintain your dog's grooming needs just the way you like it.

You will feel and notice the change in your pet’s coat after their groom at Sandy’s Grooming Tails.

With a combination of salon-quality products, freshwater bathing, speciality drying, clipping, brushing techniques.
All performed in a dog-friendly safe environment by trained and experienced groomers with a
whole lot of love and passion for the job.


The Groomers
Accredited groomer Sandy Brabon (and owner of Sandys Grooming Tails) has been grooming in the area for over 20 years...that's a lot of hair! Following the passion for grooming for so many years has given Sandy the know-how and a whole lot of experience in professional grooming, dog behaviour and recognising what dog owners need.
Sandys No.1 offsider, Olivia Stanford who has been with Sandy since leaving school, shares the same passion for the job.
Livs speciality is in the bathing/drying area, she really knows how to get their coats sparkling.


Specialities include

Basic, maintenance & comfort clips, Fully styled, breed-specific & creative grooming solutions

Clipping for deep matting, grass seeds & overheating

Quick tidy - eye, ear, bottom, feet

Bathing & deodorizing, Brush outs & De-shedding

Puppy introduction to grooming sessions

Microchipping (Click here for more details)


"Rex" the Border Collie

Tells of his experience and what you might expect when being groomed at
Sandys Grooming Tails

Woof Woof  ..When we arrived at Sandys Grooming Tails and they put me in my little cubby I shook uncontrollably to make mum feel really bad for "leaving me here" then as soon as she left I figured that trick didn't work so I had a little nap ...
then I was woken from my deep sleep by these girls talking in high squeaky voices telling me how beautiful I am and then proceed to start cuddling and patting me!

These girls really seem to know what they were doing, they reassured me when I was scared and insist on using fancy salon products bathing brushing, clipping techniques that make me feel really safe and calm, then before I knew it "taaadaaa" I turned from scruffy to fluffy! 

Can you believe it I was then treated as a superstar!.. I suppose I was looking rather dashing and apparently smelt great although I prefer a dead lizard kinda smell but I think the cologne they put on me will get me more cuddles.

Then they couldn't resist putting some sort of ridiculous bow bandana thing around my neck and tried to take a picture of me! by that time I was so excited by my new look, I just couldn't sit still...

I don't think my blurry headshot made it to their Insta page.

You won't believe what happened next ...I got a weight check! So proud of myself sad eye, starving look is really paying off.. I've put on a whole 2kg!
The girls wrote me a really nice report card saying how good I was, what was done to me and my weight aaaand they gave me a complimentary treat to take home...gees those gals really know a way to a hounds heart.

Mum came after a while as she had a lot of shopping to do in Cooma, I had fun waiting though ..napping and checking out all the cool dogs getting a groom, I also think I've made some new friends with the shop dogs.. that Delta the dachshund is a real fox xo
Mum came to pick me up I got a new collar and some new toys., the girls waved me goodbye but I just don't understand mum not buying me any more treats.. we are in a dog treat shop for dogssake! She had seemed to change her mind after she read my report card ?? I'll have to explain to her I'm just more fluffy

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