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Freshly Groomed Cocker spaniel

Professional Dog Grooming Service

It's our aim to help your dog to be their best selves and help you maintain your dog's grooming needs just the way you like them. 

You will feel and notice the change in your pet’s coat after their groom at Sandy’s Grooming Tails. 

With a combination of salon-quality products, freshwater bathing, speciality drying, clipping, and brushing techniques. All performed in a dog-friendly and safe environment by trained and experienced groomers with a whole lot of love and passion for the job. 

Accredited groomer Sandy Brabon (and owner of Sandys Grooming Tails), has been grooming in the area for over 23 years...that's a lot of hair!
Sandy along with her awesome team Olivia & Lily who are also trained in the art of grooming, have the know-how and experience in professional grooming, dog behaviour and recognising what dog owners need to maintain their fur family.

Our Specialties Include 

  • Maintenance and fully styled clips on all types of dogs

  • De Shedding & Brush Outs

  • Bath, Brush & Blow Dry

  • Sanitary clip & tidy 

  • Nail Clipping & Grinding

  • Flea, Worm and Tick Treatments

  • Ear Flush, Anal Glands, Teeth Brushing

  • Weight checks & Record keeping

  • Microchipping (click here)

  • Long stays welcome

Puppy Introductions

Specifically designed to introduce puppies to the sights, sounds and sensations of the grooming salon.

We will ensure your puppy is relaxed and happy throughout the process, leaving with confidence and preparedness for their future grooming sessions.

Booking is Easy

All our services can be booked online through our Paw Partner App or call us direct,

we are happy to help you book or discuss all your grooming questions.


Happy Collie white background - freshly groomed
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