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Puppy Pre School

Our Puppy Pre School is a lively and interactive puppy training program guided by professional trainer Sandy Brabon.
Enrol your puppy in Puppy Preschool for the optimal start in life and lay the foundation for becoming a well-mannered, sociable dog. Puppy Preschool serves as a crucial early step in your dog's education journey!

Our Classes
Catering to puppies aged eight to sixteen weeks, recognising this critical developmental
stage in their lives.
The classes provide a safe setting for socialisation and training.

Additionally, Puppy Preschool offers an opportunity for owners, along with other family members, to learn effective management and understanding of their dog.

Learning the tools to become confident owner and foster the best relationship with your four-legged companion.

The program spans over a 4-week period, offered by demand throughout the year, with each puppy graduating upon completion of all classes.

SGT Puppy Preschool
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