Pure Australian Orange Oil 500ml

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Pure Australian Orange Oil
An essential oil derived from orange rinds and is extracted by a cold press technique.
It’s an excellent disinfectant cleaning agent and an outstanding deodoriser

High on Fragrance Orange Oil has so many uses, A must have for anyone’s cupboard
Environmentally Friendly, Highly Effective, Multipurpose, Non-toxic
It’s an excellent disinfectant antibacterial
cleaning agent and deodoriser
Gum Leaf Eucalyptus Oil (GLEO) Products are natural and grown by Australian farmers
These uses have been offered in good faith No responsibility taken PLEASE USE WITH CAUTION Always patch test Orange Oil when cleaning Some surfaces and fabrics can be affected Orange Oil can leave an orange stain.

Available in 200ml & 500ml Larger quantities upon request

Here’s a few ways you can use orange oil around your home

WASHING CLOTHES - A few teaspoons of orange oil per load is great for cleaning and
freshens your wash. Ideal for nappies, socks, sportswear & overalls

SMELLY SHOES - To refresh smelly shoes leave outside in sunshine and clean with a
damp cloth moistened with orange oil.

BATHROOM TILES & SHOWER - Eco friendly, non-toxic, excellent disinfectant, antibacterial cleanser and deodoriser way to clean. Use the multipurpose household cleaner recipe

STICKY LABELS - These can be removed effortlessly from most articles without damage
or abrasion

WASHING LINO, WOODEN & TILED FLOORS - Add a few teaspoons of orange oil to water
when washing floors, great for cleaning & deodorising

GARBAGE BINS - To rid bad odours and bacteria wash with hot soapy water and orange oil

OIL BURNER – Send out a beautiful fragrance of orange, Add a few drops of orange oil to the
water in your oil burner.
Use an old kettle filled with water, ad a few drops of orange oil, sit on top of the fire place.

DISHWASHER - add a few drops of Orange oil to the dishwasher load to help disinfect the load.
WOODEN FURNITURE POLISH Orange oil can be used to polish wooden furniture – just add
about 10 drops of orange oil to a cup of linseed or olive oil, dip a polishing rag in and wipe over the furniture. Use a separate soft cloth to buff it up to a shine.
NATURAL WEED KILLER You can make your own garden weed killer by mixing 4 litres of white vinegar, 30mls orange oil and 30mls dishwashing detergent in a bucket – pour it into a large spray bottle and shake it until mixed. Then spray it directly onto weeds, ensuring you don’t spray it onto the plants you want to keep!
A DETERRENT TO CATS - Orange oil in its pure form can deter cats, sprinkle the oil or soak cotton wool and place to offending areas. Be careful using orange oil if you have cats. They are sensitive to it, and cleaning an area around their usual hang out spot may cause them to urinate in unusual places.

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