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Laboratory studies showed that eucalyptus oil contains substances that kill bacteria. It also may kill some viruses and fungi.
The proven disinfectant and antiseptic properties of Eucalyptus Oil make them a natural, environmentally friendly cleaner with numerous household uses. Non-toxic for sinks, drains, toilets and our waterways.

We offer two types of 100% Pure (not watered down) produced in Australia Eucalyptus Oils
Both offered in 200ml & 500ml Larger quantities available upon request G
Gumleaf Eucalyptus Oil
production has been produced here in the Snowy Mountains by the Peet Family since the 1950s, this past on family business has carried through to present times harvesting, bottling and selling this natural, multipurpose oil that has so many uses! Also adding to the range of oils the very popular Orange Oil sourced from Australian producers.

General Purpose Fragrant Oil (purple label)
A fresh sweet smelling aroma, it has as a more therapeutic smell
From the Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil "Eucalyptus Polybractea"
Specific Qualities of Blue Mallee

General Purpose Solvent Oil (green label)
The oil has that distinct bush /peppermint fragrance and is an extremely good solvent
Specific Qualities of Broad Leaf Peppermint
From the Broad Leaf Peppermint tree -"Eucalyptus Dives Type"
This oil is NOT for therapeutic use

The Great All-Rounder... Eucalyptus oil has so many uses, its a must have for anyone’s cupboard

Environmentally Friendly, Highly Effective, Multipurpose, Non-toxic
It’s an excellent disinfectant antibacterial cleaning agent and deodoriser

Gum Leaf Eucalyptus Oil (GLEO) Products are natural and grown by Australian farmers. The oils are single distilled meaning they are of their purest form ...not watered down.
Throughout this brochure “Eucy Oil” is abbreviation for Eucalyptus Oil.
The type of Eucy oil used is your personal preference weather it be the General Purpose Fragrant Oil or the General Purpose Solvent Oil
These uses have been offered in good faith No responsibility taken PLEASE USE WITH CAUTION
Eucy Oil does not stain or smear, Always patch test when cleaning, Some surfaces and fabrics can be affected. Take caution Eucy oil is a flammable liquid. Not to be taken it is a POISON


BATHROOM TILES & SHOWER – Eco friendly, non-toxic, excellent disinfectant, antibacterial cleanser and deodoriser way to clean.
Use any one of the 4 recipes – Wool mix, Scouring cream, multipurpose cleaner and for glass and mirrors the non-residual spray
TOILETS - For deodorised, cleaner drains & toilets a teaspoon of Eucy Oil will do the trick
MOULD – To prevent and remove add a few drops of Eucy Oil to a cup of hot water – use to wipe down all the surfaces in your bathroom or fridge or wherever your prone to finding mould
STICKY LABELS - These can be removed effortlessly from most articles without damage or abrasion
MULTIPURPOSE HOUSEHOLD CLEANER - Fill a spray bottle with water and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid and a little Eucy Oil
NON-RESIDUAL EUCY SPRAY -. This recipe can be used for a deodorising & disinfectant spray, insect repellent, glass cleaner, Mix 1 Part Eucy Oil, 3 Parts Methylated Spirits, mix together in a spray bottle
SCOURING CREAM - Mix ½ cup baking soda with 18 drops of Eucy Oil with enough drops of liquid soap create a paste. Great for stubborn grime
AIR FRESHENER -Add 1 part Eucy Oil to 3 parts Methylated spirits and use in a Reed bottle with reeds (available at any $2 shop). Place on window sill or bench top out of reach of children. It provides a lovely fresh eucalyptus aroma.
CARPET FRESHENER - Add about 20 drops of Eucy Oil to 1 cup of baking soda. Mix this together and then seal in a glass container for about 12 hours (or overnight) in order to allow the oils to infuse. Use this mixture to sprinkle over your carpet the next day and then vacuum this powder up
CARPET CLEANER - Stains & grease marks are easily removed with Eucy Oil. Moisten a cloth with Eucy Oil and apply to affected area. The wool mix is also very good when washing rugs/matts
CHEWING GUM, INK MARKS & PAINT - Eucy Oil is very effective for removing chewing gum, ink marks & paint from various surfaces, including chewing gum from hair!
PLASTIC & VINYL- Eucy Oil is excellent for cleaning ink, carbon & other marks off most plastics & vinyls (it may affect some soft plastic surfaces, test on an unseen area first)
LINO, WOODEN & TILED FLOORS - Add a few teaspoons to water when washing floors, great for cleaning & deodorising. Great for removing scuff marks- moisten a cloth with Eucy Oil and apply to affected area
LEATHER CLEANER - A cloth moistened with Eucy Oil will clean the material without any harm
VACUUM CLEANER– add few drops on the filter of vacuum cleaner and the same in a clothes dryer, the warm air coming out sends a lovely eucalyptus aroma through the house
REMOVES GREASE - Eucalyptus oil cleans grease from glass, enamel and other hard surfaces.
DETER MOTHS & SILVERFISH – Wipe cupboard & draws with Eucy Oil mixed with detergent & water. A drop of oil on a padded coat hanger also works as a deterrent and freshens the air

BBQ - An excellent natural way to clean a greasy BBQ, use a solution of hot soapy water mixed with two teaspoons of Eucy Oil and wash with a brush or scour. Rinse thoroughly before using again
PENETRATING OIL -Very good for loosening seized bolts & rusted machinery parts by applying Eucy Oil
TAR MARKS ON PAINTWORK OF CARS - Rubbing with a cloth moistened with Eucy Oil can easily remove tar marks.
PAINT BRUSHES - Oil paint-brushes can be restored by soaking in Eucy Oil.
GREASE & STAINS – Remove grease or stains on garage floors or driveways with hot soapy water mixed with a couple of teaspoons of Eucy Oil. Use a scrubbing brush to clean damaged area and rinse with clean water.
PAINT BRUSHES - Oil paint brushes can be restored by soaking in Eucy Oil
BLOCKAGES - To unblock car radiators add 2 tsp to water. Washing engine blocks with Eucy Oil will make them look like new
GARBAGE BINS - To rid bad odours and bacteria wash with hot soapy water and Eucy Oil
DETER MOSQUITOS - The oil can be used alone or mixed with kerosene in flares, lanterns or lamps to deter mosquitos.
PEST DETERRENT – Use eucalyptus oil to wipe down areas where you prone to getting ants or cockroaches. Also put 3or4 drops of eucalyptus on a cotton ball and place in the areas where ants/cockroaches hang out – they will move on quick smart!
POSSUM REPELLENT - A rag soaked in Eucy Oil and left in the roof keeps possums from nesting there. Re-soak rag from time to time.
GARDEN SPRAY RECIPE - A safe, natural & non-residual garden spray. Mix 5ml Eucy Oil, 2ml of dishwashing detergent, 20ml Canola Oil and 1lt water. Spray around seedlings & at the base of plants, or spray the air in glasshouses.The above spray is good for repelling aphids, white flies and mites, ideal for earwigs, slugs, snails and slaters. Spray thoroughly when insects first appear. Apply two sprays 3 – 5 days apart and repeat as often as required. If the number of insects is high double the concentration. This spray can be used on roses, azaleas, tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries etc. Do not store made up spray and thoroughly wash sprayer after each use.

DOG WASH - A little Eucy Oil added to water when washing a dog is a highly effective method of getting rid of fleas. Also excellent for washing dogs that are very dirty, greasy & grimy
FLEAS IN CARPET – Mix 25ML Eucy Oil to 500g bi-carb soda and sprinkled on carpet leave for 1 hour then vacuum.
HABITAT & FLY REPELLANT Excellent for freshening, deodorising and disinfecting against fleas, mites & lice in kennels, pet quarters, bedding, stables, chook pens, small animal enclosures, aviaries. Using the Non-residual recipe mix is handy.
HORSE RUGS/PADS – Rids mite & lice when washing, add a few tsp. of Eucy Oil to wash or make up the wool mix recipe.
CAUTION: It is not recommended to use Eucy Oil in its pure form directly onto animals it may cause harm. Do not use essential oils on cats.

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