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Collar + Leash in One

Designed for the mostly off-leash dog, the Release N Run Dog Leash is a dog collar with a built-in 4 foot retractable leash—allowing the leash to fully stow in the dog’s collar while not in use.

Imagine heading out for a run with your dog on his/her leash, and as you hit the trail simply let go of the handle and the leash will retract into his/her collar. You both get to run free while jogging together.

It’s Strong! Made with climbers webbing, Cordura® and Spectra® cord, the RNR is strong enough for dogs weighing up to 110lbs. Spectra, made by Honeywell® is one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibers. The internal retracting mechanism, originally designed for extended use in salt water by scuba divers and for the tethering of tools and weapons for the police and military, has been designed for maximum strength and durability.

To ensure a comfortable fit we offer four sizes determined by your dog’s neck size and approximate weight.

Sizing Chart:

Size Approx. Weight Collar Size
Small up to 40lbs (18kg) 14”-16” (35-40cm)
Medium up to 40lbs (18kg) 16”-18” (40-45cm)
Large 41lbs-110lbs (19kg- 50kg) 16”-20” (45-50cm)
XL 41lbs-110lbs (19kg- 50kg) 20”-25” (50- 64cm)
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